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The Offer

The Company's aim is to provide investors with a sustainable annual dividend per ordinary share (6.49p for 2017) that increases in line with RPI inflation while preserving the portfolio's capital value in the long term, on a real basis, through reinvestment of excess cashflow and the prudent use of portfolio leverage.



About Us

The Company owns a portfolio of interests in twenty wind farms comprising a net capacity of 436.1MW. 


Latest news 

27 March 2017 

Greencoat UK Wind PLC: Greencoat announces acquisition of Langhope RIg Wind Farm   

Langhope Rig is located near Hawick in the Scottish Borders, and has a capacity of 16MW and a forecast net load factor of 33%. Langhope Rig was originally developed and constructed by SSE, was commissioned in December 2015, and receives 0.9 ROCs per MWh.  

23 February 2017 

Greencoat UK Wind PLC: Full Year Results   

Tim Ingram, Chairman of Greencoat UK Wind, said: "We are pleased to report the continued good performance of our portfolio and demonstrate the robustness of the Company's business model in a dynamic environment. We have delivered a total shareholder return of 17.4% and NAV growth (adjusted for dividends) of 4.1 pence in 2016 and again increased our target dividend by RPI to 6.49p per share for 2017."