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The Company's aim is to provide investors with a sustainable annual dividend per ordinary share (6.16p for 2014) that increases in line with RPI inflation while preserving the portfolio's capital value in the long term, on a real basis, through reinvestment of excess cashflow and the prudent use of portfolio leverage.



About Us

The Company owns a portfolio of interests in sixteen wind farms comprising a net capacity of 271.5MW. 


Latest news 

20 August 2014 

Greencoat UK Wind PLC: Acquisition of four wind farms from AES   

The Company has agreed to acquire a 51.6% stake in Sixpenny Wood, Yelvertoft, North Rhins and Drone Hill Wind Farms from subsidiaries of The AES Corporation for a total consideration of £90.6 million. Tim Ingram, Chairman, said "We are pleased to announce the acquisition of Sixpenny Wood, Yelvertoft, North Rhins and Drone Hill Wind Farms from AES and to increase our investment portfolio to 16 UK wind farms with net generating capacity of 271.5MW. AES is the fifth seller of wind farms to UKW, a testament to the Company’s independence and to its ability to be selective in its acquisitions.”  

31 July 2014 

Greencoat UK Wind PLC: Announcement of half yearly results and interim dividend   

Tim Ingram, Chairman, said: "We are pleased to report the continued good performance of our UK operating wind portfolio, with overall performance in line with our expectations during the first half of 2014. “UK Wind’s aim is to provide investors with an attractive and inflating dividend alongside real capital preservation. The announcement of our third dividend, which increased in line with inflation, together with Net Asset Value growth during the period to 105.8p per share, highlights UK Wind’s continued delivery on its commitment."